Oops! Justin Bieber doesn’t look like he’s giving it his best to prove to Selena Gomez that he is willing to change. Selena wanted nothing more than for Justin to go with her to Bible study on June 18, and guess what he did during it!

Selena Gomez, 21, and Justin Bieber, 20, have rekindled their relationship. However, Justin wasn’t taking Selena’s wishes seriously when he was caughtsleeping during a Bible study that she wanted them both to attend! Come on, Justin — you’re not going to keep Selena around like that!


Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Bible Study Date – He Was On Social Media, And Fell Asleep

Tsk-tsk! Selena and Justin have been working on their relationship now that they’re togetheragain, and Selena has been working hard to change Justin into the good boy he once was; she’s not interested in the bad boy act that he puts on anymore. She believes that through unconditional love and prayer, she can make him a better person.

Well, when Selena took Justin to Bible study with her on June 18, which was being led by pastor Judah Smith, he actually fell asleep! What a shame!

“He definitely showed no interest in the sermon — and even fell asleep!” A churchgoer told Star magazine. You’re better than that, Justin!

“The little bit of time he was actually awake, he was texting and on social media. He looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep after a night of partying.” I mean, after a night of partying, the least you could do is sit through a small religious event important to your girlfriend, Justin!

Justin Bieber: Is He Being Loyal To Selena Gomez?

Hopefully, this isn’t a one-sided relationship between Selena and Justin. Selena has been doing everything to grab Justin’s attention and change him into the sweet boy she fell in love with. However,Justin seemed pretty occupied withChantel Jeffries and Catherine Johnston-Paiz in a picture he posted on his Shots page on June 30. Poor Selena — hopefully Justin doesn’t do something stupid.

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