Whoa. Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette tweeted about a ‘homewrecker’ on Oct. 4. Given her son’s recent split with Selena Gomez and his involvement with Kendall Jenner, could she be referring to the young model?

Is Justin Bieber’s mom sounding off on the latest Jelena drama? That’s what it looks like. Pattie Mallette, 39, tweeted a bold message on Oct. 4 about a “homewrecker.” Pattie’s always been a fan of Justin’s love for Selena Gomez, 22, so is Pattie giving her two cents about Kendall Jenner, 18, whom Justin recently had a dinner date with?

The Justin and Selena relationship has gone up in flames in the past week, and it looks like JB’s mom Pattie doesn’t want to stay quiet about it.

Yep, Pattie went there.

Pattie’s tweet seems to coincide Justin and Selena’s latest split. After months of bliss, Justin and Selena’s relationship came to a screeching halt in St. Maarten after a huge fight.

Things got even worse when Justin had a dinner date with Kendall in Paris. Selena was infuriated with the meet-up, given Justin and Kendall’s history.We learned that Justin said it was just a “business meeting.”

Could Pattie be telling Kendall to steer clear of Justin? Pattie has always liked Selena because she’s such a good influence on Justin. Do you think Selena has reached out to Pattie?

Like all mothers, Pattie wants her son to be happy. What would make Justin the happiest guy in the world is to reunite with Selena!

Just days after their breakup, Justin’s already trying to get back together with Selena. From an ATV photo reminiscent of their Canada vacation to lonely selfies, Justin is trying to show Selena that he’s missing her desperately.

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