Hmmmn…  if you agree, you are a criminal.
Already… Speaking on Friday, February 5 via his Facebook account, the senator lamented the state of unemployment in the country vis-à-vis the unwillingness of public office holders to sacrifice in any ways whatsoever.

He berated the idea of the government owing workers’ salaries yet buying choice cars and living lavishly.

“Both the Federal and State governments are owing workers salaries, yet we want to consume 30 Billion on cars? No way!

“The President, 36 state Govs, Senators all politicians whether elected or appointed should forget about buying new cars!

“If you as an elected or appointed official are so desperate for a new car, then sell the old one you had.

“The Presidency bought new cars last year. If the President wants new cars this year he should sell the old ones.

“The same applies to the 36 state Govs. If they want new cars, let them sell their old official cars and add money to it.

“Cars aren’t perishable products. They dont expire every year. Why should we buy expensive cars every year for officials?

“What is wrong if Senators use public transportation once in a while? What is wrong if they drive their own personal cars?

“What is wrong if our ministers use public transportation or taxis once in a while? British Prime Minister, David Cameron uses the London Tube. Is he less of a human being than us?

“So called big men that cannot generate ideas. Cannot generate jobs for unemployed Nigerians, yet we all want fancy luxurious cars.

“Before we buy any car for anybody let us pay all Nigerian workers who are being paid salary arrears ‪#‎PaySalaryBeforeCar

“My name is Ben Murray Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!”

Mr. Ben Murray-Bruce is a 59-year-old Nigerian businessman and politician.

He assumed office as a senator of Nigeria on May 29, 2015, representing the Bayelsa East constituency under the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria.

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