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Mother’s: the one that loved you first. But we all know mom is much more than that. Our mothers are also our teachers, our friends and some of the toughest women many of us will know in real life.

This Mother’s Day we wanted to not only love our mothers back but also recognize them for their wisdom.

“There will always be people that have more than you, and there will always be people that have less than you. Be happy with what you have.”

—Nicole, West Islip, NY

Photo submitted by Michele Calhoun

“Never wear neon.”

—Michele Calhoun, Cortlandt Manor, NY

“If they don’t look at you in the eye when you speak to them, don’t marry them.”

—Rosemarie, Glen Cove, FL

When I was young, we did not always have the nicest house or the nicest clothes. Sometimes we ate hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for dinner because after paying the bills we didn’t have enough money for steak and potatoes. My mom always taught be to be a grateful. Money can’t buy gratefulness but a good role model can teach you to be grateful.

My mom was always there when I needed her. She taught me to say please and thank you. She taught me to be happy for what I have and to never expect things in return. She was humble and grateful. She was the epitome of a great mother. When my mother passed away a week before Mother’s Day I had a hard time being grateful. I had a hard time seeing the silver lining but now, five years later I am able to see all of the wonderful life lessons she taught me and all the advice she gave me all along. She taught me to be a good person, she taught me to be grateful, she taught me to love other people, and she taught me to help others whenever I have the opportunity. When you have a great mother it is impossible to choose just one thing they taught you. It’s impossible to pinpoint one piece of advice they gave you. My mother shared so much advice and life lessons, and for that I will always be grateful.

—Betsy Murphy, Stratford, CT

“Don’t move far away!” (I didn’t; I bought a house one town over.)

—Karen Fabrizio, Deer Park, NY

When I was 13 my mother and father divorced and my brother and sister and I lived with our suddenly single mom. I was the oldest child. Things were hard on our own and to help us persevere my mom had me write out the Rudyard Kipling poem, “If‘” on oaktag and hang it on a wall in our kitchen where we would see it every day. The inspiration of that poem helped guide me through life.

—Richard Kostura , East Hampton, NY

Photo submitted by Amanda Lavigne

All of my life my mother has instilled the power of independence in me. It hasn’t been until this year, a very difficult one, that I have realized the significance of her words: “Never expect someone to take care of you. You have to take care of you. Don’t expect it in friendships, in marriage, or any relationship you will have. You will end up suffering.” Not only did my mother tell me these things, she has lived by those words through a difficult life herself. I can think of no better advice to give to a woman At 27, and a mom to two beautiful young kids, my mother’s advice will be the rock that guides us through a difficult journey. Thank you, mom. Everything I am, I owe to you.

—Amanda Lavigne, Manchester, CT

“Did you try your best? Then that’s all that matters.” This would be my moms response to most things while growing up. If we failed a test in school, or had a rough practice, as long ad we tried our best, that was all that mattered to her. A mother’s love is unconditional and now that I think about it, my mom would have still been proud of me even if I didn’t “try my best.”

—Crystal Wrede, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Photo submitted by Helen Eckhardt

“You do not have to marry everyone you date.”

—Helen Eckhardt, Kansas City , MO

From 1960: “Never write anything down that you don’t want your grandmother to see.” Still applies now with social media.

—Kathleen Schofield DeLuca, Milford, MA

Photo submitted by Ron Johnson

“Follow your dreams… And be willing to work very hard to achieve those dreams.” My Mom, Dad too, supported my dream to be a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus clown 110% from the very day I ever mentioned it at the age of 14. They let me skip school as long as I kept up my straight A grades, to attend auditions for the RBBB Clown College years before I was old enough to actually apply. To make a long story short, my dream came true in 1985 when I was accepted into the RBBB Clown College at the age of 18 and I went on to tour with ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ for 4 years. I am still following my dream to this day…traveling around the world clowning for circuses, stage shows, festivals, and much more. I am now 50 years old. Dad has been gone for going on 10 years, but Mom is still my #1 fan and still supports my dreams 110%.

—Ron “Toto” Johnson, Davenport, Iowa

As early as 10 years old she taught me to “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” I’ll been using Oil of Olay on my face after cleansing for over 25 years and am so glad I did! Wrinkles got nothing on me. Thanks, mom.”

—Stephanie DeLuca, Paoli, PA

“Never date a guy who calls you ‘my lady’ — we aren’t in the renaissance period anymore.”

—Mia D., Phoenixville, PA

Photo submitted by Kim Elliott

“Always help those less fortunate than you. There is always someone somewhere who has it worse off than you.” So, because of her example I have always tried to help others even tho I myself have struggled. My Mom is an amazing woman.

—Kim Elliott, Harleysville, PA

“Your self-esteem should never be contingent on anyone else’s approval.”

—Angelina Sberna, El Porto, Manhattan Beach CA

“Children need the most love when they are most unlovable. “

—Marti Krausz, Palos Park, IL

Photo submitted by Nicole Washington

“Never trust someone who is too quiet!”

—Nicole Washington, Lake In the Hills, IL

“Live your truth, and take the trash out before you go out of town.”

—Charlotte Parrott, New York, NY

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity!” That is why I got my bachelors in computer science and engineering. She herself had a PhD in genetics. She is an inspiration to me and my daughter. Although she passed away 11 years back, I am grateful to her for teaching me the value of education. Now, my 9 year old daughter wants to be just like her grandmother.

—Anju Karanji, Woodstock, GA

Photo submitted by Melissa Rannin

“Never date a man who is prettier than you.”

—Melissa, Yorkville, IL

When I turned 30, my mom told me it was time to start using a night cream in my face. I did not heed her advice until I was 35. I regret it! Listen to your moms!

—Jenn, Cumming, GA

It is in honor of my mom who is no longer with us that I share this. When I was feeling stressed, guilty or worried about leaving my kids in childcare while I went to work or even at home with my husband when I went on a business trip she said, “It’s OK. You are not hurting them. You’ve made arrangements for their care, and they will be fine. They may miss you, but that’s OK. They will learn that when you go away, you come back. They will learn coping skills they will need in life. You are raising healthy, well-adjusted kids, this will help them in the long run. It’s OK.” She was right.

—Susan, Warrenville, IL

Photo submitted by Nancy Hester

“Never let the sun set on your anger.” This is advice my most loving, caring mom gave to me, as a young girl, in words and on cards. Advice I carry with me today. My mom has been gone for nearly 13 years. I miss her every day.

—Nancy Hester, Mendota Heights, MN

“Don’t eat laying down.”

—Emmy B., Wauwatosa, WI

On Sunday, May 14, the restaurant will serve a four-course prix-fixe Mother’s Day Brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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