T.I.’s latest album Us Or Else: Letter to the System released as a TIDAL exclusive, was an underrated but important project. The inspiration behind the music was killing of unarmed Black citizens at the hands of police and the injustice that follows in the courts of law.

On April 24th, Tip had aired the short film named after the album on BET, which is available to view in full tonight. The short film explores the strain relationship between police and the black community. “Police brutality is really just a tentacle to a larger problem – the racial divide and the systemic racism that goes on from the highest of highs to the lowest of the low of society in America,” he told CNN in an interview about the short film.

The title track of the album also features London Jae, Translee, Charlie Wilson and B.o.B. You can watch the short film in full below.

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