Brooklyn Beckham with Shaved Head

The photographer and model was spotted walking to his college in NYC with a shaved head. Are you digging this look, or are you not about it at all?

Brooklyn Beckham, 19, is going to be the coolest dude on campus this year! Brooklyn looked determined to make it to class on time at Parsons School of Design in New York City on Tuesday, September 5, and we noticed something a bit different about the aspiring photographer. He buzzed his hair! Brooklyn looked effortlessly awesome as he ran to catch a yellow cab in the morning, perhaps in a rush to make it to school! Or maybe a new photoshoot session? After all, he’s not just studying photography at his university; he also does modeling on the side!

Zayn Malik (Courtesy of Instagram)
 Malik with shaved head .

Kate Hudson Shaved Head
 Kate Hudson shaved.

Brooklyn is almost known for his amazing head of hair and he is for being David and Victoria Beckham‘s son. But there’s no doubt about it; he rocks this buzz cut, just like other celebrities who tried it out, like Kristen Stewart and Kate Hudson. We’re obsessed.  Are you digging it, too? Take our poll below and tell us if you love or loathe his look!

Brooklyn flaunted his new, harder look in a pic that appears to be from a new photoshoot on Instagram that same day. This cut must be brand new, as just the day before he posted pics from another photoshoot, and he still had his thick head of hair. Interesting! Speaking of photoshoots, Brooklyn’s had a bit of controversy on his hands. The model posed for a session with photographer Damon Baker, and fans weren’t impressed by the results. That’s because in several shots, Brooklyn poses with a gun with a smile on his face. Fans felt like the pics were insensitive and tone deaf, considering the state of gun violence and gun-related deaths in the United States. Hopefully, he won’t play with guns going forward!

Sanaa Lathan (Courtesy of Instagam)
 Sanaa Lathan 

Kristen Stewart shaved her head in early 2017 for a role in the film ‘Underwater’. 

Kristen Stewart shaved early 2017

Cara Delevingne also shaved her head for a movie role in early 2017. She went completely bald for the movie ‘Life In A Year’, in which she plays a cancer-stricken woman with only one year left to live. 
 Cara Delevingne also shaved her head for a movie role in early 2017. She went completely bald for the movie ‘Life In A Year’. 


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