Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez, 30, was caught on video partying in a barely-there diamond dress on Sept. 4, and while her completely exposed nipples would be the usual headline for such a risque outfit, fans are focusing on something else: her massive booty! Her bubble butt is impossible to ignore in the sexy nightclub video. It even rivals stars known for their backsides like Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna! While the Love & Hip Hop star is super fit and has always had great buns, fans are thinking there’s more to blame than just squats for the size of her derriere. They’re calling butt implants!

“But don’t she got a fake ass tho?” said a wary fan on a workout video highlighting her booty. Others weren’t there to hate or judge, and sent their love and support. “Ass looking good girl,” said a loyal fan. There’s no denying that Joseline’s booty is big, but she’s been pushing her workout plan lately. Perhaps the reason we’re just noticing that it’s so plump is because her outfit showed everything off. In the hot videos, Stevie J’s baby mama is wearing lace panties, a diamond top with no bra, and a red fur stoll. It leaves NOTHING to the imagination and really puts her booty on display. So what do you think: implants or just good ol’ fashioned glute muscles? Watch the videos and make your choice:

Do you think Joseline got a fake butt?

Joseline Hernandez Drops New Track (Courtesy of Instagram)
 joseline hernandez
 Joseline Hernandez at the beach (Courtesy of Instagram)
 Joseline Hernandez at the beach (Courtesy of Instagram)
 joseline hernandez (Courtesy of Instagram)

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