Here are some legendary errors made when selecting tattoos under duress, heightened emotions, weakened relationships, or substance influence. But in the end, you alone are responsible for your ink. What follows is a gathering of standout people that boast tattoos that everyone will take pictures of… just for all the wrong reasons.

The That’s What “that” Smells Like Tattoo:

It takes guts to pull off an armpit tattoo. Even more to envision the appropriate composition as a shark devouring a helpless baby. I wish I thought of that….said no one ever.shark-armpit

The “Over a Billion Served”? Tattoo:

Keeping the McDonald’s love real, we present the all-American classic: the Golden Arches tramp stamp. Notice the elegant matching panties and cropped top. Ronald would be proud.


The Ugly Marilyn Tattoo:

We can’t be sure who this is. It started off as Marilyn, but then something went horribly, horribly wrong. Maybe some anti-itch cream, perhaps? She looks like a decomposing corpse.marilyn-twoface

The Green Day Tattoo:

When they see this dude rip off his shirt in preparation for some serious moshing, even the most diehard fan has got to be asking the question “Who’s that cover band playing Green Day tunes?”greenday-fan

The Last Laugh Tattoo:

So the point is to make fun of the swastika, but somehow with this failed tat we all lose. The back hair isn’t helping the matter,

The I Rep Where I Eat Tattoo:

This humiliating  tattoo was the result of a lost bet. Nevertheless, it’s one meal this guy won’t soon forget. Or ever.


The Mustache-you About Your Tattoo

Hey, here’s a new family tradition….handlebar mustaches. Christmas dinner just won’t be the same.Star tats are optional. We don’t want to freak out Uncle Tommy just

The Hot Dog Fan Tattoo:

The Happy Days reference we get, but what’s with the lack of love for the ketchup bottle? These must be the hot dog purists who believe mustard is the only appropriate condiment for the weenies.


The “Attractive For What” Meat Tattoo:

So I’m assuming dating a vegetarian is not on her bucket list. Neither is being fit, toned, tanned, or particularly attractive. She’s got this one down!hooray-meat

The Drake Support Team Tattoo:

Think she reps Team Meek Mill or Team Drake? What a classy way to show support for your favorite hip hop artist. And I hope that healed up ok…drake-fan

The Chuck Taylor Forever Tattoo:

While there’s no denying the quality of this tattoo, red Chucks for life is a pretty solid commitment. And would look really weird under heels.converse-feet


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